Hello to all.

If you are in contact with the customer , you might encounter clients who are out of the ordinary. Whether the client is never satisfied , or one who does not understand despite all your efforts … it happens. It annoys , I know, but it does not matter .

So rather than take revenge on coworkers or other clients who are nothing, or keep all the stress in you, I offer a stress relief .


The different sections of the website include a few beads. By parcourrant , you will discover the difficulty encountered by the seller or to understand the customer , or not to explode with laughter.

One great example of customer control comes from an Denver squirrel removal company. They had a customer call in asking about removing squirrels from their backyard in Denver. The potential customer was very irate and hard to understand, this made sense because they had a serious squirrel problem that was growing out of control. The customer service rep was able to control the call by relating to the customers experience with her own raccoon removal problem she once had. She was able to calm the customer down with relation and book a squirrel removal expert to go out and fix the problem.

I can hear you dear customers! “This is outrageous , sellers are there to serve and inform us … we can not know everything …” .
Yes, you are 100% right. It is not ignorance of this or that thing that makes the comic situation, but the questions, answers or unexpected reactions.

And if you really find it shameful that the sellers do not care about customers , refer to the section on vendors to con. There are vendors who pass the pan.