The customer rarely out of the ordinary at the questions. We can be sure he will ask the same questions as the previous client. Except the very unlikely event, it is more con than the last.


Sometimes we would like to answer them …

– That’s all you have left?
– No, there’s plenty in reserve but we do not want to sell you.

– Can I ask you a question?
– That’s it, goodbye.

– What is the price of this product?
– It’s the little figure just left of “F”.

– What is a wireless mouse ball?
– A female.

– Can you help me? (said roughly)
– With pleasure, but I do not want to.

– Do you work here?
– No, I just spend my day here disguised as a salesman for fun.

– Why is it so expensive?
– Because you’ll find a fool to buy it.