We can not say that the customer is grateful to the brands. He did not even understand anything , the name brands it intends day long in his little TV.

Ahhh , he thinks pass for a pro leaving abbreviations . Bad luck , rather it is the hallmark of dork customer base .
Upon a sale or a conversation with a customer , we can not avoid to fall on one of these expressions.

Sometimes out of the ordinary our client. He announced a whole bunch of crap , but being confident. How to explain , while remaining courteous, it is next to the plate.

The customer rarely out of the ordinary at the questions. We can be sure he will ask the same questions as the previous client. Except the very unlikely event , it is more con than the last.

The highlight of the show is here that you will find the customers champion of the world.

  It works more
It’s never his fault , but the hardware and then as his brother worked at IBM … But nothing prevents come whining with his computer under his arm : “Y market have my computer ! ” .

 The best of the net
Surfing can sometimes fall on a story or a nice story about our customers.

 Emails Madness
The e -mail is the primary use of the Internet for many people. A simple and fast. It would certainly have been necessary to provide even easier for our customers.

 The telephony radius
Come on, hop : it is like but with micro phones. The beginning of a new adventure. And why not stories TV sellers or vegetables. Quickly send your stories by email …
The aquarium radius
Complete change of register with Big White who sent us some chosen life seller aquarium pieces .

 Sellers con
This time , the roles are reversed and we are interested in cases of sellers at the con .